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Whats all this then?

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Whats all this then? Empty Whats all this then?

Post  Goob on Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:40 pm

ClementWave Collaborations is a small community of musicians based around Cambridge.
It aims to be a springboard for possible projects and songs.

General ideas for it include;
-Linking people to songs for remixing
-Collaborative songs or projects
-Using one another for sessioning or recording
-Anything else you want to do

Not only this but it would be nice to get people who make film, poetry, prose, art, websites, lighting etc to get involved too.
Really anything to compliment or be complimented by music

If there is anyone you know who would benefit CWC and would benefit from it just send me a message or something or just tell them to sign up.
Go and do stuff


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